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Horse Fever Member Of The Month

Here is the member of the month voting booth. There are some rules, so please read them before voting. Thanks!

1. You may vote only once per category, and you may only send in one e-mail (so if you send in your votes for 2 categories and then send in a separate e-mail for another category later, I can only accept the firt one)
2. You may vote for yourself
3. I will not give out actual vote totals, just the winners
4. Do NOT ask me every 5 seconds who is winning
6. Have fun!

To vote, fill this form out to put "VOTE" in ths subject line)


Nicest Member:
Best Member:
Funniest Member:
Most Orginized Member:
Most Active Member:
Most Sociable Member:
Craziest Member:
Most Horse-Crazy Member:
Best Stable:
Best Stable Web Page:
Best Business:
Best Business Web Page:
Best Assosiation:
Best Assosiation Web Page:
Best Business, Assosiation, and Stable:
Best Overall Web Page:

Again, you may vote only once per category and only 1 e-mail. Thanks!!!