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*this is just a sim game, nothing you see on these pages is real*

If you do not obey the rules of this club you can be exiled as a punishment.

Aging and birth
*It takes mares 3 weeks to have a foal
*Time warping does exist, but to a maximum of 3 years. You cannot warp your horses age to be younger.
*You may own non-aging horses, but you must specify on the registration form

Shows and races
*AOL sim race and sim jump private chats count if:
you send the show manager a complete log of the event
you send the points manager the points won by each horse
you send me the date the show or race was held
if you do not send the appropriate people those things the show or race will not count
*Non-members may compete in the AOL sim race and sim jump shows but they do not count twards the three Horse Crazy members that you need to hold a show.
*If you need to schedule a show e-mail me with the date and webpage and I will put it up
*If you need to schedule a race e-mail me with the date and webpage and I will put it up
*Your horses may not compete in more than 5 Shows a month
*Your horses may not compete in more than 3 Races a month
*Points are tracked for you and found on the Hall of Fame page, but it is recommended that you keep track of them just in case of a discrepancy

*You have the choice of giving your self misfortunes. It is not mandatory.
*You can give other people misfortunes(if they want one) and people can give them to you
*It is recommended that you get one misfortune per month. This game would be no fun if we dident have anything to do

Stables, Businesses, and Assosiations
*You need to send an e-mail to with your webpage URL for it to be approved before I put it up
*You cannot own more than 3 stables
*You can have as many assosiations and businesses as you can take care of.

Other rules
*No harrasment to other members
*Be patient with people
*NO Flaming

copyright 1998 Fender